Joanne Binns

Each of us sees the world differently… dreams differently… has a separate relationship with the world around us. In her art, Joanne loves to share her perspective of things that call out to her … for their beauty, their sense of peace or excitement… or things that simply call out as a wonderful memory. Something to share with others in a very special way!

Joanne is a real ‘East Ender’, having grown up, lived and worked in the east end of Toronto and in Durham where Joanne and her husband raised their two lovely children. Her career in education has spanned many roles in elementary education, including the privilege of teaching Art to students across all grades.

A love of The Arts has always been a passion, growing from wide exposure through many years of studying dance, as well as sharing a variety of artistic interests with her loving Mom. Since 2000, Joanne has focused on Visual Arts, painting in oil, acrylic and watercolour. She has won numerous awards for her work including the Art Guild of Scarborough’s prestigious ‘Arthur’ and ‘Lila Patton’ awards as well as ‘Best Oil’.

Joanne has painted many local scenes in Scarborough, Toronto, Durham and Uxbridge, but has also enhanced and expanded her art inspiration with extensive travels across the globe including France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, China, Thailand, Japan, the US, coast to coast across Canada, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa and, most recently, Greece. What an amazing world we live in! Joanne’s passion for the people, the lands and nature finds expression in her art. Although florals and architecture have been her favourite subjects for many years, she also finds that travels, as well as friends, relatives and clients expand her horizons to include subjects that might never have been chosen otherwise. Her wonderful daughter and her special friends, and artist colleagues provide valuable advice and encouragement. She has studied in various art groups and with many inspirational artists including Bernice Harper, Pam Ericson, Donnah Cameron, D.D. Gadjanski, Art Cunanan, Margaret Roseman and Doug Purdon. Joanne is also grateful to the many people who have purchased her art over the past 16 years and is thrilled that they are enjoying her paintings in their homes and offices across Canada.

Joanne’s ‘in home’ studio has just been completed and is ready for even more frequent painting sessions as she plans to soon retire, hopefully finding even more time to paint, including time to do some drawing and fingerpainting with her young granddaughter!

joannekenya flower-market-viennacedar-streetcafe-in-italyhotel-italyjulia-rose pond-house